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About Me

I think there must be a soul in an image. 

It means you have to give a piece of yourself to make a good photograph.

The core of my photography has always been exploring movement in all its forms. It´s not always simple to create an illusion of movement in a still image but I always try to find my way.

Another big theme for me is advertising imagery where you need to tell a story with one single image. It´s the art of visual storytelling and the art of simplifying. I have always loved it.

The third theme which is very important for me is ”being out there”. Trucks, trains, railway stations, airports… I´m always happy when I´m on the road. Just a man and a camera.

I´ve been honoured to work with most of the biggest ad agencies in Finland and below you can see some of the brands/companies who have trusted my skills: 

Alexandria, Altia, Chiquita, CMI, Diacor, Discovery Networks Finland, Finnair, Golf Digest Finland, Gore-Tex, HJK, Jokerit, Kaukokiito, Lemminkäinen, LG, MTV3, Neste, Nokia, Philips, Puolustusvoimat, Porin Ässät, RAY, Rukka, Somersby, Stella Polaris, Suomen Urheiluliito, Uusi Iloinen Teatteri, Vaasan, Voimisteluliitto, VR, YIT, Yoko... 

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