Exploring movement

I think most photographers have one specific subject matter 
that they are really passionate about.

It is something you are naturally drawn to.
It is something that resonates with your soul.
It is something where you know you have your own visual voice and you just need to tell your story.
It is something where you know you can create something unique.

For me it has always been movement in its different forms.
When I shoot dancers, sportsmen or actors, I know I'm in my homefield. I have this pure desire of creating something special with them.

I have a huge respect for these people who have worked extremely hard to master their craft, all their life in many cases. They have turned their body into an instrument with which they can express themselves and do amazing things.

I truly believe that in this world of smartphones, computers and videogames we need to keep moving, doing sports, dancing, going outdoors. We need physical activity in the middle of this fancy world of technology, which is so addicting.

This is how I try to live myself and what I'm trying to teach to my kids. If my photos inspire people to move, it really makes me happy and gives a deeper meaning to my work.

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